Thursday, December 2, 2010

Some of my work at the convention

OK, since it is my blog, I am going to put some of my work on.

A lot of the members seem to complain that the work is becoming
more studio work and less party and live caricaturing and less
one on one with who they are working up a caricature of.
I have to say I don't agree.
It's what you make of it.

I will spend time drawing the people pretty much like
I do at a party.... because that's my back ground.
I then take a photo of them holding the drawing.
Up load it to my computer and then work on it in
Adobe Illustrator...
This way I get to visit with the model and if they had
a party caricature category like they had in the past.
I have some samples to put up.
Then when I work up the drawing in Illustrator.
I can try and improve my skills on studio work.

So I figure I get to
1. visit with some attendees....
2. free hand draw.....
3. work on studio work

Here is my friend from Japan...Etsuko
with my drawing of her and below it the
piece I worked up in Adobe Illustrator.

Below is a new friend Ken with his drawing

Here is my work on the computer of Ken.
Carmen is the wife of Bruce Outridge from Canada.
This was Bruce's second convention and Carmen's
first convention.
I did not have a chance of a free drawing of her
so I just used the photo 0nly of her as a reference.

I will have a few days of my work and then back to
some more of the art displayed on the wall

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