Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Rodeo Down Time Fun with the iPad

Near our booth is a company
that is selling a machine for $1200
as well as charging people $40 to detox
their body in their booth.
What they do is have you put
your feet in warm clear water and place
a cylinder in the water attached to
the machine. After 3o minutes the water
is any thing from a red / brown / black
They then tell you which body organs you
are having problems with.
Most of the vendors in the area seem
to think of it as a snake oil salesmen from the old west.
They claim it was first discovered in 1930
and that is can detect different diseases.
Our thought is if it worked why don't
medical doctors and hospitals use them?
Why would you have to be at
a stock show and rodeo to get the treatment?

People are actually buying the machine.

These are a couple of the people that are
in their booth selling it.
Fun with my iPad

1 comment:

  1. Mel,

    I guess it depends what color dye they put in the cylinder before they put it in the water.