Saturday, February 5, 2011

Set Up at the Rodeo

When Harry was kind enough to ask
if I would be willing to share the time
at the San Antonio Rodeo.
I said under one condition.
We are able to change up his booth with
a different arrangement.

For the past 23 years Harry sat in this booth
drawing caricatures where the people would
stand in front of the box while he drew them.
He had a camera set inside the booth where it would
project him drawing the person and the people could
see the progression of the drawing by watching
the 2 TVs above the booth.

For the past few years I have filled in for him
one or two days during the 17 day run.
Now I am 6' 2" tall and that booth was not
made for someone over 6'.

Here is the changes in the same space.
We took an old EZ up removed the top braces, turned it
up side down and raised it to the first notch and only opened
it by no more than 2'.
For safety we drilled an extra hole in each leg
and put a bolt in so just in case the button on the
EZ up does not hold.
Then we bolted a 3' by 3' board on the top of the
4 leg extensions and covered the sides with the same
blue drapes they have thru the exhibit hall.
We still have the 2 TVs that show both our work
of stills, that goes as a slide show when we are not drawing.
There is a camera attached under the caricature sign
so if we want to show the drawing in progress for one of us
with a remote we stop the slide show and people can
watch either over our shoulder or from the monitor.
Most of the time there will only be one of us working.
On Fridays we are both going to work..
Last night it worked out great.

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