Saturday, March 19, 2011

Last week at the market

The week of Spring Break was very good.
I had some of the best days in my last
10 years at the market.
I worked last Friday, Saturday, Sunday
as well as Tuesday and Wednesday.
Did a lot of drawings but took few photos.
the above photo is a young couple from China
visiting San Antonio for the first time.

Here is a young girl, I took the photo while
her mother was also taking a picture.

These 2 were from Oklahoma and
his mother said she was a professional photographer
and she took a ton of photos while I was drawing the them.

She asked me for my email address
saying she would email the photos....

Hopefully she does it would be good
to get a series of photos from different angles
as well as see the progression of the drawing.

This weekend I am taking off working and catching
up on some minor and in some cases major
tasks around my house.

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