Thursday, July 14, 2011

Back from my annual trip

My yearly trip to the Midwest was a success.
I worked 2 three-day festivals and 1 one-day event
on the Fourth of July.

About 85% to 90% of the people I draw at all 3 events
are people I draw every year or
I draw another member of their family.
These two young ladies are cousins
who I drew in past years.
This young man I have drawn about four times.
The two boys over is right shoulder
I drew a little later in the day.
These three are brothers and sister. Their mother claimed
I have drawn them every year that I have been at that event.
That would be 14 drawings. This year I drew them all on one sheet,
the other years they always got individual drawings.
This couple had gotten drawn six years ago by me and
wanted to get an update. They had copied and reduced
that drawing and colored it in. They brought it along to show me.
This young man was a student of my sister when she taught the
second grade. This was about the 10th drawing I had done of him

My yearly trip to the Midwest was a success. Until I got home
and found out my air conditioning system was not working.
The AC guy is coming this afternoon. Then I'll know what
I have left.

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