Monday, August 29, 2011

Another Weekend at Market Square

As usual.... Fun at Market Square.

A lady from Houston, Texas asked if
I could draw her 96 year old mother.
She'll be 97 in December.
They were Chinese and the mother spoke no English.
The lady said her mother told her in Chinese
"The market is fun."

Her daughter was telling me when I was drawing
more wrinkles...
She's proud to have them.

Now that is the first female I've drawn that was not
worried about wrinkles.
This young couple are from McAllen, Texas in an area called
the Valley. They wanted a picture of me with them, so I also
had the lady take a photo with my camera.

This was in a wheel chair visiting from out of state.
At first I don't think she wanted to get drawn.
But she liked the drawing when I showed her the final.

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