Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Having some fun with the iPad

Yesterday, looking at the App store on the iPad
I came across a free app in Entertainment
called 123D Sculpt.
It has it's limitations, but what do you want for free.

It has different shapes that you choose from
from a human head to geometry shapes as well
as different animals and objects.
You can model the selected piece
as well as color it. What I found out is
that you can only work within the shape,
but you can turn it in any direction for any angle.

A cool thing you can do is not only save it as a
drawing you can also save it as a movie.
Here is the dog they had as one of the objects.
That I saved as a movie.

I have only worked on it yesterday afternoon,
so I don't know how much you can take it as
a drawing or how much control on the action
if saving it as a movie.

It's looks like a fun app to mess around with.

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