Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Another Art App

Looking at the apps in iTunes. I ran across
an app called Art Set. It has some interesting features.
You can select the color and style of paper you want
to draw or paint on.
When you select the paint brush tool icon, it opens
up a tray of different medium that you can chose from.
Oil paint / color pencil / crayon / oil pastel /
ball point pen / large marker / small marker
and of course for you people who make mistakes
an eraser.
After you select a medium to work with, you
can go to the palette icon and select from
a wide range of color no matter what medium.

Here are a couple of drawings I did using
the color pencils and oil pastel.
It won't replace Art Studio or Zen Brush.
But it is fun and interesting to work with.

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