Thursday, October 20, 2011

In an earlier post, I wrote about getting signed on
with intuit so I could accept credit card payments.

My iPhone at the time was only 3.1 and to
download the free app it had to be at least 3.2.

So I started looking a the 4GS and the 4G.
I worked an open house at Sam's Club where
they had the 3GS on sale for $00 .96
I couldn't pass that up.
Now here are couple of photos I took
with the 3G iPhone. It takes a better photo
than my last iPhone.
I mistakenly changed the setting to video which the other phone
did not have. below is couple that wished I would have film longer.
They laughed for about 5 minutes, before they got up
to pay for the drawing, and were laughing as they walk away..

Still learning the bells and whistles of my new phone.

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