Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Scratch Board Artwork

I always have liked the look of a scratch board illustration.

When I was in art school. This was years before the computer was
even thought of as an art tool.
The students were required to do several scratch board drawings.
This Bulldog was one that I did in art school back in 1964.

When I was an art director at an ad agency
( long before computers were considered to be used as an art tool)
We had a home builder client that had a sub-division out in the
country. They wanted to have some ads showing what
your neighbors would be if you lived out in the country.

These were three of the scratch board drawings I did
for the different ads.

What I have found working as an artist,
No matter what art you have done your past experience
is always helpful in doing something new in art.
When they wanted some animal drawn and be the
featured illustration of the ad. I remembered what
I had learned in art school.

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