Monday, October 10, 2011

Market Square and Rain in Texas

I only worked at the Market on Saturday,
because on Sunday we got over 3" of rain
in San Antonio. Three Cheers for rain.
On Saturday I had return business from years past.
The little girls above, I drew last year and the parents
said they hope to see me next year for another drawing.

This couple I drew 4 years ago. They said they
had it framed and hanging in their hallway.
He did not want to get drawn 4 years ago, and
they said it showed in the drawing.
They said they get a laugh every time they it.
This drawing is going to be hanging next the other.

This daughter and dad were in town from
Austin. The young lady is working on her
master's degree in Corpus Christi.
First time I drew them.

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