Monday, April 2, 2012

MEL on Television???

Saturday in the morning I worked another gig
for the home builder I worked for last Saturday.
I had already paid for my space at Market Square,
but after the gig I was debating whether to
go to Market Square or not.
I broke down and went to the market.

Glad I did!

A lady came up to me and asked if I would be
willing to draw the Little Couple from
the reality show on TLC and have it filmed
for one of their episodes.

UUghhhhh? YES!!!!!

At first he wanted me to draw him and his dog
with his tongue sticking out
which he had a photo of the dog on his cell phone.
He wanted his tongue out the same way.
(He had told me, he was going to display it at his pet store in Houston,
along with the photo of his dog with the tongue out.)

I suggested or asked why she didn't want to be drawn.
So then he said OK, make her look like their other dog.
and him like the dog with the tongue sticking out.

I drew them, but looking at the photos on
the cell phone and making the caricatures also
look like them was a bit of a problem,
So I added more hair to her and had him with
his tongue out.

If you notice in the photo they were filming me from behind them
(I was wearing my ISCA cap)
they also had a camera behind me and on the side of my set up.

Sunday morning the lady came by and got another release
for the drawing to be shown, plus a cameraman came and
filmed different angles of my set up.

They said they would let me know when it is to run.
here is a website showing some of the episodes

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