Friday, September 14, 2012

My First Gig Working on the iPad

 I worked my first gig drawing on the iPad.
I did the caricatures in Art Studio  and printed 
them out on 4X6 photo paper and had A6 envelopes 
for the guests to put their caricature in.
There was a crowd around where I was hearing
how amazed they were that a person could use 
an iPad and draw caricatures and then print them out.
What surprised me.
The group were employees and clients of hp and intel.

For my next few posts, I am going 
to show the work I did last night.
Of course I am posting FIRST,  the ones I was happy
with both as a likeness as well as a caricature drawing.

When I got contacted from my client and they booked me,
I started practicing getting my time down. 
I was making up people as I practiced.
trying different tools as well techniques to
cut the time down.

Traditional caricature at a gig, it takes about 3 minutes 
for a black and white drawing.
My goal was to take 5 to 6 minutes since 
I was working in color.
 This was one of the first drawings I did.
Notice the dark green behind the caricature.
I was planning on doing this on every drawing
adding a color after I drew the line work of the drawing. 
Putting a color behind it on the same layer,
using the square lasso tool.
Then adding the coloring of the hair,
eyes, the outfit and the lips.
Going to a layer below this layer 
with the LASSO tool make a quick drawing 
around the face not having to be concerned 
about being accurate about it. and then using 
the Paint Bucket tool to add the flesh color.
Worked great on this one.
 From that time on I could not get the Lasso tool
to work, and I did not want to take the time 
to re-boot  the iPad  I probably tapped something that 
locked it. Just another thing I will have to learn.
These are 3 of the caricatures that I feel were
some of the best for the first time drawing actual people
on the iPad where 
I needed to get as many guests drawn at a party.

I averaged a drawing about 5 to 6 minutes.
So, I reached that goal. Now I have to work
on getting more drawings that I am pleased with.

Oh, YEAH, and get more GIGS working on the iPad.

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