Saturday, December 8, 2012

iPad gigs

Here is my new mail out to hopefully pickup
more iPad gigs. But before I send it out
I have a few issues that has to be fixed
This afternoon 5PM to 11PM 
I am working a party using 
my new iPad and my new wifi printer.
They both work faster than my iPad 1
 and the first wifi printer that I got for $80.

My idea of getting an updated iPad was
so I could use the mirroring function.
I bought a Samsung HDMI television a Apple TV
and a new Air Express router.
Set everything up and the printer and the iPad
are working great. Knock on wood.
The monitor/Apple TV works great 
for 1 or 2 drawings then I loss the wifi
signal and have to reboot the system.
So tonight I am using only the printer.
I am taking along my old set up, 
even it is slower, as a backup.

Been working on this for the last 2 weeks trying
to be a tech geek.... So far I got the geek part down
the tech is a different story.

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