Thursday, December 20, 2012

iPad gigs

I have been working on getting my Apple TV 
and iPad plus printer to communicate wirelessly.
 I had the iPad and printer
working great. But.....
the Apple TV would work for
about 5 to 7 minutes and then loss
the connection.
Since I have been working with
computers, the last 15 years, usually if something is
not working right... First thing 
I think is what did I do wrong.

I finally  figured out to test
the Apple TV with my other network
and even restore it back to factory specs.
Guess what... It started and then in about
5 to 7 minutes it lost the connection.
So I  take it back to Mac TLC where I bought it
and told them to test it and/or I would 
get my money back and return it.
They tested the Apple TV and it 
would not pick up their wi-fi connection.
This time I had a defective one.
So they replaced it.. Got home 
set it up and it is working great.

 Here are some drawing that I drew on the
iPad the last couple of gigs.
 Waiting for when I can take my new set up
and work with the monitor
 When I work with 2 people, it slows 
me down because like photoshop you have
to work in layers being the screen is not all that
big. But, in Art Studio you can rearrange, resize and 
also hide a layer when you are working on another person.
 This young was the Harp player at 
the last gig I worked. Drew this at the
end of the party
Now, drawing 3 people together is
an even more pain than 2 people.
It can be done.

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  1. Looks like you're getting better with the iPad, and it looks like you're getting plenty of digital gigs.

    Do you think you might try it at Market Square one?