Saturday, April 27, 2013

Different Type of Caricature Gig

Back in 2009 I drew caricatures at an open house
for a new company (Credit Restoration of Texas).
Enjoyed drawing their new clients, guests and 
even the employees. Got paid well, 
 got some more leads for future gigs
 and went home.

Several years later they called and asked if I could
stop by and draw 5 new employees. Even thou
I thought it to a little strange. I did.
Come to find out rather than hanging their
employees photos on the wall they liked
the caricatures.
So, They asked when I could come by and
draw them again with their new employees.
 Yesterday I went by and drew the staff.
I told the owner's husband that this is the only 
company I would do this for.
If a company treats me right....
I will go that extra mile.

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