Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Adjusting to the market

At Market Square you are assigned
a location 10'X10' to set up.
My location was behind the pillar
and with my 10 X10 or even the 
smaller 6X6 canopy. I could not have
it far enough out where the walking traffic 
could see my signage because we
could not be set up in/on the fire lane.
 So I took my 6X6 and made it into
a 4X4 and move it in front of 
the pillar and the exposure is great.
Plus, it is not past the line what they call the fire lane.
I also hang a fan from the ceiling of the canopy.
With the Texas Summer weather being in 
100 degrees, my customers seem to
like it and relax a lot more.
I jokingly call it my ceiling fan.

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