Friday, February 12, 2010

Rodeo Time in San Antonio

In February for 18 days its rodeo time in San Antonio.
Harry Schneider has the caricature stand in the exhibit hall and he works it by himself.
Every year there is a day in the middle of the show
he needs to get some other things done so I fill in for a day.
Yesterday I worked.

The weather in South Texas, in February, you never know what direction it will go. We had a 60% chance of rain all day. I would say it was 95% rain all day. Even thou the stand is inside, not many people wanted to get a drawing done. Wet hair, soaked clothes,etc. I don't blame them. I did a few drawings, but not as many drawings as I usually do there. Here is one of the few that I drew.


  1. Poor economy + rain, never a good combo for a retail artist Mel. Harry probably had a better forecast resource :) Speaking of Harry, please give him my regards. Haven't seen or been in touch since the NCN con held there many years ago....

  2. This has been Harry's location at the rodeo for 23 years. Thursday was bad but Wednesday was worse (rain and cold weather) Maybe he should have asked me to work both days :).

    I will let Harry know you asked me to give him your regards. He is always asking when I get back from a NCN or ISCA con. who from the 1995 NCN con attended the latest.