Tuesday, February 9, 2010

San Antonio Artist get together

The caricature artists and any other person interested in art get together the first Thursday of the month here in San Antonio.
We have been meeting at a unique cafe called "Taco Garage" lately.
Here is the drawing I did of Jerry. Not a caricature artist himself, but a great musician, and the other half of Erica Missey. Below is my practice in Adobe Illustrator.
Jerry and Erica have a band called "Monkey Soop".
You can see more of them on http://www.monkeysoop.com/
Here is a drawing I did of Frank Zieglar. A caricature who also has a web comic.
Called "Kidd & Grezzer".
Here is some more of my practice with Illustrator. If you note the tattoo on the arm
is the cartoon of Kidd. Now Frank does not have that tattoo on his arm but you can see
"KIDD & GREZZER" at http://www.kiddandgeezer.com/
to see Kidd in that pose look at January 18, 2010 page.

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