Friday, January 21, 2011

iPad and the Zen Brush

I purchased the app Zen Brush a couple of weeks ago
and did not really work with the app
until this past week.
There are parts of it that I like and
there are somethings I have to get use to.
1. The idea that you are as close to drawing on paper
and like the spontaneous of the drawing
as when doing caricatures at parties
where you are drawing one person after another.
2. The different backgrounds are nice.
Plain white would be used most of the time,
There are times another background would work.

1. I would like the tool bar to be across the top
rather than on the bottom.
2. Unlike Art Studio where you can adjust
the percentage size of the paper size where
you can see where you are on the paper or
enlarge the image on the iPad to see something
up close to see if you want to correct it.
3. Even thou the image size is 11X14 when printed,
what you are seeing is only the size of the screen.
It is an adjustment I have to get thru for myself.

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