Tuesday, January 18, 2011

iPad and the type tool

I have been seeing what the different tools
there are with Art Studio.
These two examples are using the type tool.
The control of placement of the copy
for now it is not like Photoshop or illustrator....
... where your placement of the type is a lot easier
to work with.
I may have to work with it more to be more
comfortable with the type tool.

If you could control where the type goes
or Logo for a company you are working for
when doing caricatures with the iPad at an event.

Trail and Error
One way I learned of doing a logo for each drawing....

You have to do is have the logo / copy
worked up in photoshop and have the placement
of the logo... Let's say lower right corner
you would have to have a mark or a line across
the top left side with the image the size
you are working with in Art Studio. If you are working on
11" x 14" your image in Photoshop needs to be the same.
Upload the image on to your iPad.
So as when it is dropped into the program for new image.
the logo would not drop in the center of the page.
Once you get the placement correct..
You would import that logo page from albums saved photos
each time you do a drawing.

Any iPad users have a thought on this?

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