Monday, January 17, 2011

Rain, Rain, Rain

At Market Square this weekend
it was Rain then Drizzle and then more Rain.

Business was slow for a holiday weekend,
because of the... Did I mention RAIN?

Normally I have good sense and when
the weather is not to my liking I forgo
setting up.

I did some drawings, but this couple is
the only photo I took.

They are from Austin, Texas about 90 miles north.
He is a radio DJ and she is from what I found out in
my talking and asking questions
while I was drawing them found out
she is originally from my home state of Nebraska.

We both agreed that we prefer being at place where it
warms up in a day or two during the Winter months.

San Antonio today's high 67 degrees low 48 degrees.
My Nebraska home town's high today 38 degrees low 8 degrees

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