Friday, September 16, 2011

The Line up at the Hard Rock

I worked a 3 hour gig last night at the Hard Rock - San Antonio.
For Wrigley. The last 20 minutes all of the guests had gone to
other places along the Riverwalk and in downtown SA.
So I drew a lot of the staff from Hard Rock.

As I was packing up I noticed the photographer who
was hired to work the gig had the staff lined up and
was taking pictures one with them holding the
caricatures in front of their faces and another where
they are holding the drawings in front of them.

So I grabbed my cell phone, and took some of my own photos.
The photos did not turn out very well. Is it because.......
The room was dark or......
My cell phone does not take good photos. Or.....
is it because I am crappy photographer?
You be the judge.

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