Saturday, September 17, 2011

Old Dogs can still learn.

1. After 3o years of drawing caricatures for a living,
and 47 years of earning a living in art.

2. Learning more on what the tools can do
that you have that can help you finish a job.

I was contacted by a new client from Houston
(200 miles away)
on Tuesday morning. They needed a poster to be printed,
for a conference, no later then Friday AM.
They wanted the final to be in Adobe Illustrator.

They said they looked at my website and told
me what they liked.

Now most caricatures artist out there know
usually people like the exaggeration on others,
but not themselves.

So here is how I did the faces in Illustrator.
Here is where lesson 1 kicked in.
They wanted it look more like my gig caricatures
that I do at parties only in color.

Here is where lesson 2 kicked in.
In the past when a client wanted a caricature for a
studio piece, I would draw the person on paper and
then scan it in to the computer. open up photoshop
and work up the caricature.
Because of the deadline, I drew the faces in color
using my iPad with the app Art Studio.
emailed them to myself and dropped them in the poster
to get approval.

Once approved on the faces, I did a black line outline
with a new layer in Art Studio and resent them to my computer
and made a live trace in Illustrator so they could be worked
up for printing.

Here are the final faces along with the bodies/professions they wanted
each to portray.

I was able to make the deadline and
my contact said they were happy with the final.

Lesson 1.
Not all people fear being exaggerated.
It does not hurt to listen better.

Lesson 2.
using my iPad
Art Studio
emailing capability
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Acrobat
I can get the work done quicker.

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