Monday, September 19, 2011

USS Bell Annual Reunion

This past Saturday evening
I was contracted to draw at the
USS Bell Destroyer Annual Reunion.
Now normally at a gig I do not take photos.
I was booked for 2 hours and they let me
dine with them.
Being it was for WWII Navy veterans.
There was only 25 in attendance.
Only 4 were there that was on the USS Bell.
The rest were family and friends of the veterans.
I had but 1 of the guests drawn in the first hour,
we ate and then I drew the rest with some of
them getting drawn with different people there.
Plus I took some photos.
This lady said she was the oldest one there.
She was a widow of a sailor who was on the Bell.
The gentleman in this is the son and brother of
the two people below.
This gentleman was one of the 4 who was
on the Bell. His job was in radar.
That is the job my Dad had during WWII
station on the USS Saratoga - Aircraft Carrier.

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