Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Weekend

Saturday I worked an open house in Dallas, Texas.
The Texas State Fair started that Friday so the agent had
trouble finding an available caricature artist in the
area, so they contacted me to work a 6 hour gig
plus travel expenses.

Sunday, I was back at Market Square.
I now have on my iPad and soon my iPhone
(when I purchase an updated model) an app
that accepts credit card payments.
Worked great with the iPad.

This little guy has about as much control of his hair
as I do with my hair.

I drew him and his Dad on Father's Day.
They came from Corpus Christi. They claim
they came just to get a caricature of him and his Mom
drawn by me.
But I saw them later with shopping bags, and
going into the restaurant next to my location.

Talk about having your BUBBLE BURST.

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