Sunday, December 18, 2011

Market Square and La Margarita

I drew these 3 kids last night
at my location in Market Square.
They are brothers and sister.
The boys are twins in the 7th grade
and the young lady
is a Junior in high school.
What I like about my location:
It is right outside of the
La Margarita Restaurant & Oyster Bar.
Behind the children you see a clear plastic wall
for entrance and basically outside dining.
They put it up for the cold season in SA.
OK 40's maybe usually 50's.
They get quite busy and sometimes the
wait time is between 30 minutes to a hour.

So the people visiting Market Square
walk around to see what they can do before
their buzzer goes off. My location is
just outside of the restaurant's entrance.
People ask me how long it takes for a drawing.
"3 minutes for a black and white per face.
a shade longer for color".

Note the black disc in the boy's hand with
the white shirt on, that's the buzzer
I get a lot of business when the restaurant
get packed.

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