Wednesday, February 29, 2012

More Work from the Rodeo

Had fun drawing all ages. It was fun to see how they
would dress for the rodeo including the caricature artist.
This little guy was less than a year old.
Cowboy chaps, cowboy hat and boots.
Two sisters. The oldest was showing an
animal at the stock show
Another country boy who was showing an animal at the
stock show. I went there early and went thru the
cattle barn, pig barn, sheep and goat barn.
If most of the people in the U.S. had the work ethics
of these young people working with their animals
from feeding and cleaning, just caring of them.
The country would be better off.
This proud rancher with his wife. She has a look
on her face that you wonder if she is thinking
"I don't know if I like the drawing."
These young ladies were the Queen and her Court
from Medina County, which is near San Antonio

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